Shoppers Paradise is an exclusive showroom conveniently located in the heart of Margao, South Goa.



Clothing & Accessories for sale in Goa

Our Short dresses are in the starting range of Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 4,500 and  Long Gowns are in the price range of Rs. 4,000 to Rs.8,000. These are approximate prices.

The store has a wide range of tops, gowns, dresses, casual and formal skirts, denim skirts, trousers, jeans, t-shirts, lingerie, handbags, shoes, artificial jewelry, belts & other accessories.  We particularly cater to extra-large sizes and have tops up to chest size 54, skirts and trousers up to waist size 42, jeans and capris up to size 46.  Shoppers Paradise Specialty is party wear tops, dresses and gowns. 

Wedding Collection

Shoppers Paradise Goa has a limited range of Wedding gowns too.  Wedding gowns can be ordered from Shoppers Paradise without paying any deposit and on arrival can be purchased only if you like it.  Shoppers Paradise also sell wedding veils, buckram’s, can-can’s, head gear’s and wedding shoes. 

Jeans & Denims

Shoppers Paradise only stocks the best of denims . Shoppers Paradise in Goa is particularly famous for its collection of XXXL Denim Jeans, Denim Skirts and Denim Caprice. They have Denim jeans from waist size 27 to 46 inches.  They have Denim Caprice starting from waist size 27 inches to 46 inches.  They also have Denim Skirts from smallest size 26 inches to largest size of 40 inches.

Evening Gowns

Evening dresses and Party dresses at Shoppers Paradise are available from small sizes to the XXXL sizes.  Gowns at Shoppers Paradise are available from small sizes to the XXXL sizes or UK sizes 8 to 20. You can host a party wearing a Shoppers Paradise evening gown and on the other hand you can attend some grand party wearing it. Our evening gowns are so amazing, that you will not want the party or the night to end.

Party Wear

For all the party lovers out there, we assure you that if you party in Shoppers Paradise party wear then get prepared to be blasted with lots of compliments and queries. Where did you get this party dress from? If you are a party girl and are looking for party wear tops then Shoppers Paradise in Goa has to be your destination.  We have a wide range of open tops as well as conservative tops.

Office Costumes

For those who like to look official or need something serious looking for office wear, then Shoppers Paradise has a brief business collection too. If you are looking for office wear Shoppers Paradise has a wide range of formal ladies shirts from sizes S to XXL.

Birthday Selection

If it’s your 18th or 21st birthday we have the perfect Ball room gown for this occasion. Shoppers Paradise Goa should be your first choice as we have a perfect birthday and anniversary selection for each one’s taste and choice


Casual Collection

If you want to wear something that is official or casual, then Shoppers Paradise Goa has a wide range of formal and casual skirts. We have formal skirts beginning from waist size 26 to waist size 40 inches & casual skirts from size 26 to 32.

Eye Wear & Eye Care

Shoppers Paradise in Goa has a wide range of sunglasses both for men and women.  Your eyes are special, give them the ultra violet protection from the sun’s rays that they need.

Inner Wear (lingerie)

Shoppers Paradise Goa has a wide range of lingerie (inner wear).  If it’s something basic, conservative or sexy we have the lingerie you are looking for.  If you are looking for regular underwear or a G-string or a thong we have it all.  Shoppers Paradise showrooms also have a wide range of sexy night gowns too. 

Formals in Fashion

Shoppers Paradise Goa has ladies formal trousers from size 26 inches to size 42 inches.

Hot & Happening

Drop in at Shoppers Paradise and ask our staff for Hot & Happening stuff. This is the section of our collection that is the latest craze in fashion and has become popular with many people. Hot & Happening products can be in any of our collection from garments to jewelry, to shoes & accessories. 

Shoes & Foot Wear

Shoppers Paradise Goa, also has in stock and display a wide range of casual and formal ladies shoes.  Shoppers Paradise has flat shoes, coat pair, stilettos, veggies, wedding shoes, pencil heels, block heels, etc. We have shoes that look great on your feet and are comfortable to have your feet in them too.

Shapes N Sizes

Shoppers Paradise in Goa has the widest collection of short dresses and long gowns for weddings, birthdays, party wear and evening wear.  Shoppers Paradise Goa caters to XXXL sizes in most all clothing’s. If you are a tiny or broad, Shoppers Paradise Goa normally have tops sizes of S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, and XXXXL, so you should generally find tops up to chest size 54 inches. 


Welcome to a world of of trendy accessories at Shopper’ Paradise, Margao. Among our list of accessories we have Scarves, Bags, Ladies & Gents Sunglasses, Stockings, Shoes, Artificial Jewelry, Junk Jewelry, Lingerie , Leather Goods, Belts, Purses, Handbags and other ladies gifts. 

Artificial Jewelry

Shoppers Paradise in Goa has a good stock of casual, formal and Junk jewelry. We stock the latest designs and latest fads in artificial jewelry that are in fashion in the mega cities of India. 

Belts & Bags 

Waist Belts

For the Slim n Trim who want to flaunt their superb waistlines, we have in stock plenty of different belts in different designs & colors. Available in genuine leather and artificial leather too. Shoppers Paradise Goa has a wide range of fashionable ladies belts for all age groups. 

Hand Bags

Which modern woman can make do without carrying her handbag while going out?  Shoppers Paradise in Goa has a hand bag collection to compliment any type of body clothing. Right from the tiny hand purses to keep your money to a complete shoulder bag that keeps a woman well equipped of all her basic daily needs.

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