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Shoppers Paradise guide to buying Wedding Gowns in Goa

  1. Research on Wedding Gowns

The best and easiest way to see the latest wedding gowns is not in bridal magazines or shopping guides, but in actual wedding ceremonies where one actually sees the latest wedding gown in all its glitz, glory and glamour on a graceful bride’s body. We encourage you to attend lots of current Catholic or Christian weddings anywhere in India and all over the world too. Do not miss out on any friends and relatives weddings. Or you can always visit and do some window shopping to do a little research on wedding gowns at Shoppers Paradise Wedding Gowns showroom at Abade Faria Road in Margao, South Goa.  You never know when Prince Charming may discover you and sweep you off your feet impelling you to say those two magical words, “I Do”.

  1. Visualize & Imagine yourself in your Wedding Gown

Now, this will not be a very difficult thing for any beautiful girl of marriageable age to do. After all which beautiful girl does not fantasize and dream about her Big Day – The Wedding Way and What Wedding Gown will she wear? Shoppers Paradise Showroom of Margao, suggests to consider which type of white or color wedding gown will flatter your figure the best. One has also to decide if you want to flaunt your Figure on your Wedding Day or dress it up glamorously? Browse through Wedding Pattern Books, look through recent wedding photo albums or just surf the internet for Wedding Dress photos and Videos. Last but not the least, do visit our webpage dedicated & devoted to Wedding Gowns in Goa on

  1. Decide on your Gown Type. (A Few discussed here)

Wedding Ball Gowns
Ball Gowns have very full skirts and usually will look gorgeous on any body type, unless the bride to be is very petite and of small frame. In this case, Ball Gowns may be overpowering to her tiny frame. Ball Wedding Gowns normally either have crinolines built in or a slip you must wear to support the shape of the Wedding Gown. Be advised that this extra fabric can be heavy and bulky and will require extra care to wear by the bride.

A-Lines Wedding Gowns
A-lines Wedding Gowns typically have a built-in bodice with a skirt that flares lightly from the waist to form an “A” Shape. They normally work for everyone as well, and are a wonderful choice for someone who would like to hide lower body flaws, but does not want a ball gown. A-lines are not as full as ball gowns.

Sheath Wedding Gowns compliment and flatter women with slim, balanced figures. They should not be worn by brides who dislike their figures or do not have a shapely figure. Sheath Gowns are those types of wedding gowns that do not hide any female’s body flaws. If you think your thighs or butts are bit too big, then you will be feeling miserable in this type of wedding dress. Don’t try to risk this style of sheath gowns, even if you love this Style of wedding gowns. You don’t want to risk being uncomfortable or self conscious on your wedding day by wearing wrong type of wedding gown. Shoppers Paradise suggests brides to be, to try out a few Sheath wedding gowns as a trial and check out how you look and feel in front of a full length mirror.

Empire Waist Wedding Gowns
Empire waist gowns have a skirt that falls from just below the breasts. Such wedding gowns are listed with various waistline types and not always considered a type of Silhouette. Empire Waist Gowns are a wonderful choice for a casual, non – formal wedding or weddings in a tropical climate like Goa. They are usually made of light, flowing fabric material.

      4. Visualize your Wedding Gown & Grand Wedding Day

Picture or imagine yourself in your spectacular wedding dress on your Special wedding day. What type of wedding gown do you normally like? What Silhouette would you like your gown to be? What type of fabric or material would you choose? Would you like your wedding gown to be embroidered or beaded? Do you like shades in wedding gowns such as off white etc? With so many choices for wedding gowns, it can be overwhelming to look through hundreds of wedding gowns. Sometimes making a choice for to be brides can make all the wedding gowns look almost the same. Shoppers Paradise suggests to envision and visualise in your mind how you would desire your wedding gown to be on your marriage day. A brief description of your tastes and styles written down and in hand will help to choose the perfect wedding gown from any wedding gowns showroom in Goa.  

       5. What type of Wedding Ceremony is it?

Is the Wedding Ceremony formal, liberal, traditional or ritualistic? Formal ceremonies usually call for floor length gowns and long trains, while informal ceremonies (especially destination weddings) are a terrific place to wear a shorter gown without a train at all (or a “sweep” train, which just barely brushes on the floor). Will your friends and relatives be comfortable with a Sleeveless, Strapless Gown or Backless Gown or will they frown upon it as inappropriate?

What time of the year are you marrying? What is the climate on your wedding day? If you are getting married in winter, you may not want to wear a very light, thin fabric unless you plan to be at all times indoors or inside some non outdoor venue. If your wedding reception is in an Open Air Outdoor Venue or Outdoor Natural Location then it will be more appropriate to wear a heavy fabric such as duchess satin.

Do you like to follow the crowd safely in matters of fashion? Or do you want to be a leader in matters of fashion and style? Today one can get varieties of shades within the colour of white itself. So ask for variations in white colour wedding gowns. Many to be brides choose their wedding gown dress colours that best suit and match with their skin tone colours. White wedding gowns are also available in Silvery white, Diamond, Ivory and off white to Champagne. Dare to make your own style? Then wedding gowns can also be ordered in your choice of colours such as pink, blue or red. You can dare to choose your colour of choice that you feel beautiful in. After all it’s your Wedding Day!

      6. Decide your Wedding Gown Budget.

You can decide on a flexible budget such as, let’s say for example: Rs.20, 000/- to Rs.30, 000/- or Rs.30, 000/- to Rs.40, 000/- You can always increase your budget at a later stage. After all, Wedding Day Celebration is once in a lifetime event, which every woman wants to look her best on her Wedding day. Loosen your purse strings while shopping for your perfect wedding gown, as you will be purchasing only once in your full lifetime. Buy the best wedding gown.

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